MATH 422: Elementary Abstract Algebra II
James Cook's Abstract Algebra II Homepage:

Welcome. This webpage contains some resources I have created for Abstract Algebra II. The current semester work is found in Blackboard, thanks!
  1. Course Planner test dates, homework assigned, etc...
  2. You Tube Playlist I try to post each Lecture here soon after it is given for Math 422 of the Spring 2017 semester
  3. I'm here to help. Please make wise use of my office hours when you get stuck. Also, in lecture, if I write something obviously wrong. Please politely interupt me before I burn 5 minutes of class on a bogus calculation. I have no patience for corrections! I want them immediately.
  4. Someone will be unable to make it to my office hours. It's inevitable in a given semester. Therefore, if you are such a person, it especially important for you to work with a study group which has at least one person who can make it to office hours.
  5. relax, it's just algebra!

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Last Modified: 1-15-2017