Mathematics Capstone Seminar
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Required Course Materials:

LaTeX (for mathematical documents):
  1. overleaf website (formly this website is amazing. Although a local installation is faster, this allows us to share and jointly edit LaTeX documents.
  2. just draw the symbol and it finds the LaTeX code for you, this is a nice idea!
  3. the polynom-package for slick long-division in LaTeX, not w/o bugs, found error in calculus II notes as consequence.
  4. LaTeX help wiki. Lot's of nice code.
  5. LaTeX, more from a typesetting professional viewpoint.
  6. on matrices in LaTeX.
  7. LaTeX graphics, this looks tenable, start here when I try again.
  8. advanced graphics tinkering in LaTeX, I'm not there yet, I may never get there...
  9. LaTeX Beamer tutorial, slick LaTeX-based slides.
  10. Tikz introduction article: would be nice to learn...
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