Math 530: Multivariable Mathematics Resource Page:
This page collects many solutions and links which aid in the study of multivariate calculus and advanced calculus. In particular, we collect resources to add examples and insights for the students of Math 530. Naturally you should first consult announcements and the Syllabus provided by your instructor before weighing advice offered here.

YouTube Playlists from Calculus III (Math 231):
The video resources below were originally created for Math 231 at Liberty University. They are helpful background for Math 530. Enjoy:
Useful Visualizations and Calculations:

Calculus III Lecture Notes:
I have a pdf with all of these together (you should save a local copy for future reference and ease of use, this is about 15 Mb), Below is a brief overview of each of the chapters: Solution to end of chapter problems in Fall 2014 Lecture Notes:
These are the solutions written for Fall 2011 and partly Fall 2013 of Math 231. In the Fall 2014 version of my notes for this course these problems appear at the end of each Chapter as appropriate. There are doubtless some errors in here, sorry for those, I am human, keep this in mind:
Assignments and Solutions of Fall 2014:
These are the required homework for my section of Math 231, The background picture is based on a picture I saw at this website
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