MATH 221: Applied Linear Algebra
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Useful Materials and Links:
  1. Course Syllabus includes dates for Tests etc...
  2. Matrix Calculator Site - Will show steps for rref and many other calculations.
  3. Eigenvector calculator, ugly numbers no problem. Also deals with complex case no problem. However, does not find generalized e-vectors.
  4. note: students are encouraged to use Matlab to solve systems as indicated in homework.

Course Notes and lecture schedule:
These are based on my old Math 321 notes from 2009 and 2010. However, there is significant revision.

  • Lecture Notes for Math 221, Fall 2012.

  • I have posted my 2009 and 2010 notes in Course content in case you want to look at a proof I reference in the Math 221 notes.

    Course Homework:
    Completing homework is probably the most important task you have for this course. I have many office hours. Ask when you are stuck.
    1. Homework 1:
    2. Homework 2:
    3. Homework 3:
    4. Homework 4:
    5. Homework 5:
    6. Homework 6:
    7. Homework 7:
    8. Homework 8:
    9. Homework 9:
    10. Homework 10:

    Additional Examples:
    Solutions to Homework from Lay's Linear Algebra:
    1. Homework 1: on linear systems and Gaussian Elimination
    2. Homework 2: matrix properties, elementary and inverse matrices
    3. Homework 3: calculating inverse matrix, and determinants, Kramer's Rule
    4. Homework 4: spanning sets, linear independence, CCP, coordinate vectors
    5. Homework 5: row, column and null space of a matrix
    6. Homework 6: linear transformations
    7. Homework 7: dot-products, Gram Schmidt, orthogonal complements
    8. Homework 8: orthogonal operators and least square fitting
    9. Homework 9: inner products, real e-values and e-vectors
    10. Homework 10: e-value theory and complex e-values and vectors
    11. Homework 11: diagonalization and eigenbases
    12. Homework 12: solving systems of ODEqns via the matrix exponential/e-vector method
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